Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mumma, I love you.

Not much sleep happening around here for this Mumma & the tiredness is showing.Everyone is feeling it but my 4yob helps lift my gaze from my own inadequacies to the sweet innocence & simple needs that fill our home.At just the right moment when my voice rings out a little to harshly he sidles up beside me -mumma - yes sweetie - I love you. I raise my weary head from my hands & look into his loving face-I love you too.


milkandhoney said...

That's so sweet when they do that. Hope you are able to get some more sleep soon. You are such an amazing mother and friend. Thank you for your encouragement in our journey of Motherhood.

Kezwick said...

Awesome...what a gift our children are to us. Your photo and your words express so vividly the reality and joy of some of our days. Thanks for sharing!

earthkissed said...

*hug* hope it's a better week this week. We'll have to find the time to have one of those picnic's in the park so you can "recharge your batteries".