Tuesday, February 26, 2008

following the schedule

 So you spend weeks preparing the best lessons you can think of. Taking each child into consideration  the learning styles, interests & also my own ideas of what I want them to achieve. Feeling satisfied that I've covered all the bases we set off ...& life hits you.
The babies sleeping schedule ( or no- sleeping schedule) , children's off days , mummy's off days, constant interruptions & the list goes on. I'm thinking natural learning, that might be  a plan.

And then I'm reminded that  the schedule is there to serve me not to master me. There is a lot of natural learning in between; that's family life .That's a beautiful thing about home education.At the end of the day the family is the most important thing ,the people ,the relationships that bind us all together.
We'll see how we go  with the schedule next week.


earthkissed said...

It must be pretty tough sometimes, but it is the "natural learning" type lessons that tend to stick in our minds - so you're right they're very important too!

Marta said...

This is great info to know.

Skye said...

thanks for the feedback Marla. Blessings..Skye