Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pre-school Days

Bible-family reading time
-Beginners bible

Habit Training-Richard Scarry's Please & Thankyou Book
-chore chart
-display family values & constantly review

Maths-days of the week
-practice counting to 20
-pattern blocks
-play shop with canned goods
-own calender to decorate at beginning of the month

Language Arts-leterland poster daily
-letterland book daily
-copying 1 letter a week & tracing name
-labeling objects around house
-tracing letters in tray of rice
-letterland activity books

Nature Study-read various nature books
-nature walks
-collect , observe & draw
-spend a couple hours outside every day

Read Alouds-Beatrix Potter series
-Eric Carle
-Kingfisher Treasury of Read Alouds
-Time Life books
-FIAR books-vol 1

-Alphabet Bingo
-Junior Scrabble
-Puzzle Play

Quite Time Box-choose from during family reading time

Resources-Homespun Curriculum
-TIme Life Boxes
-Various kids craft books

Children this age can be so on the go -well my 4 year old is.I need to make sure I catch him & cuddle him,kiss him ,tickle him & tell him how special he is every day.Not to get too caught up int he to do list.


earthkissed said...

You should especially do that when there as cuddly and sweet as your 4 year old... :) Sounds like a busy schedule for preschool!

Cielo said...

This does not get done everyday.It's more of a guideline for me -pointing me in the right direction. Today 4yo played with his box of animals for hours-stopping to eat,visit guinea-pigs & wrestle with 7yo.Oh & wash front steps with 7yo for fighting.

earthkissed said...

I was pretty sure that he wasn't managing all that in one day:) But it's good to have that kind of guideline.
LOL Can imagine them on the front steps washing them. If I have children, I'll be taking a page from your book and give them useful things to do when they misbehave!

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