Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bleary Eyes

Once again we have succumbed to sickness and this time it has hit hard.From flu to ear infections to pneumonia to bronchitis our little home has been lived from the comfort of the lounge as we all lay & groan.
For me, my mind has strayed to what is this going to look like when I get my head up,how much will I have to catch up on? Selfish I know.Contrary to how I imagine sick days we have hardly read at all.We have hardly done much of anything the last five days.Ugh.....Thank God for time.Time to heal & time to make changes & be better. His mercies are new every morning.!

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earthkissed said...

*Hug* I can't imagine how exhausted you must all be feeling right now! I hope everyone gets better soon.