Wednesday, August 29, 2012

letting it go

let it go 

Thinking I had escaped this dreaded flu was a little premature, it was just to hit me last. And after a few bad days, I am up and about. I was thinking as I am going about my daily routine how weary and behind I feel and how hang-on what makes me think I can jump back on to normal life so soon. How about slowing to fully recover? My mind has cleared quicker than my body has and expects me to not only get on with normal but catch-up on everything that didn't get done whilst i was laid up. After feeling overwhelmed last night I let myself of the hook and happened to read this post this morning, and decided to let-it-go.
Go slowly and be gentle with this body of mine.
Things will gradually pick up into that familiar rhythm but for now the kids may have to rummage through washing baskets to find their clean clothes.

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