Thursday, July 26, 2012

in the kitchen

I am :
making chicken stock and chicken soup
soaking oats for porridge in the mornings and using the leftovers for porridge pancakes.
soaking buckwheat muesli mix which i couldn't believe the kids actually ate but buckwheat is too strong a taste for me so i think ill keep it as an add in for muffins
baking with brown rice flour- experimented with some cacao brownies =
making scones with Isabella
trying to plan a seasonal menu plan that I can re-use
coming up with all sorts of baby food combinations
scouring blogs and websites for allergy-free recipes
being very inspired by this site
stocking the freezer with muffins, pikelets, power balls and more for school lunches
very much enjoying the extra time I'm spending in this space preparing good, wholesome food for my big and little ones and so thankful I finally have the energy to work and improve this hugely important area of our families life.

figs, yum!

bella loves making scones

green juice for mama

o so yum sugar-free chocolate bark

baby food ready to go in freezer

chicken soup on its way

a family favourite- baked apples

a leftovers dinner

candles make everything nicer even the crazy dinner hour


Anonymous said...

Hello my little Sis, I love your blog site. I'm very very proud of you Skye. love your big brother Simon. PS I'm always thinking of you n your family. I never stop. I will c u soon.3

Anonymous said...

Your first CAT's name was Mr Humphrey's. Dad named it because it stuck it's tongue out. Love u Sis. SKYE.