Sunday, June 10, 2012

babies update

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Anonymous said...

Hi Skye - look at your beautiful babies!! How they grow. Your boy looks just like his daddy. Thank you for sharing the video, I loved watching it, and seeing more of your family. Natalie will be one soon, and I wonder at how time really does fly, and suddenly I feel I am making it through the tunnel and out the other end, where there is sometimes more time and space and I feel more capable. Best wishes ....... Anna

earthkissed said...

Love this:)

Skye Walcott said...

hi anna, so nice to hear from you.yes i feel very much still in the tunnel and am trying to take one day at a time. kindness and forgiving ourselves the mistakes we make are a real gift to our families, not just ourselves. letting go and having faith that tomorrow will be better is also important to our sanity and positivity. you are a good mama cause you care so much for your little ones. be kind to you. [speaking to myself also] warmly, skye.