Thursday, July 19, 2012

winter warmies

one of the things i love most about moving to 'the farm' is very real and felt changing of the seasons. we actually have a winter here and it goes longer than a week unlike Brisbane where you may experience a cold snap briefly but you couldn't call it winter.
last winter, i was so sick with the twin pregnancy and home a lot on my own [Matt was commuting to Brisbane for work] that on the freezing nights i wouldn't bother with a fire as i was so tired we just all ended up going to bed earlier with books and lots of layers. i spent most of my time in shock that i was having twins, throwing up and counting down the days to i would feel normal again. winter passed me by.
this winter has been such a different experience. i feel like I'm really present in this season, i am noticing all the wintry details and enjoying it all.
right now I'm loving =
the delivery of the firewood and the stacking it all together. the fires inside and out. the toasted marshmallows. the slippers on little and big feet. the requests for hot water bottles and new covers. super amazing daddy made hot chocolates. soups and warm bread. everyone huddling into the babies room in the morning because its the warmest room in the house. old blankets strewn over the lounge. watching the trees lose their leaves. dosing up on manuka honey and vitamin c. coming up with more inside activities [other than screen]- painting, setting up a Lego room, board games, help mama with the folding [not a fav] and knitting to name a few. cosy jumpers and favourite scarves. the Camellia trees in full flower.
there is still some winter left to sqeeze out before the summer heat hits and i am going to love every cold minute.


Limpinwoodfriar said...

Beautiful post. Glad that you are being so present and seeing such beauty despite the lack of sleep and workload of twin babies to go with 4 other beautiful children. You are an awesome mama.

milkandhoney said...

I agree with the above friar. Beautiful post and awesome mama. (He forgot to add a hubby to your workload) ;) Wouldn't mind trying one of those amazing hot chocolates some time... xx