Monday, May 21, 2012

a very long day

(iPhone photos)

home alone for a few days with six children half of which have coughs, sore throats and runny noses was made even more tricky by the following -
having to take Ryder to emergency at six thirty in the morning
being sent away
coming home to finish off lunches and grab school bags
take kids to school
driving in the car listening to Ryder breathe and whimper knowing something isn't right
on the mobile trying to get him into any doctor at a murwillumbah medical centre
get an appointment straight away
get sent straight to emergency for Ryder
back up to emergency for the second time today with four children in tow
Ryder gets an x-ray, is given steroids and oxygen and we are to stay overnight
Matthew races home from Brisbane to pick up kids from school and hospital and bring me much needed coffee

my oh my this was one of the looongest days i have had in a while

thankfully we get to go home the next afternoon with Ryder and [ruby now] needing a few more days of redipred. i drag out the vapouriser and use up the rest of the tinderbox's chesty rub.
i did have a trip to Sydney planned with the babies and the two eldest for the weekend which was cancelled while we tried to combat this nasty virus and recover from sheer exhaustion.

[excuse the punctuation as the shift key doesn't work]

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Melissa Guyatt said...

ohh such heart angst and physical exhaustion - sick babies is the worst. prayers and love xxx