Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a little bit of paint goes a long way

2012-bella working hard giving her desk a sand
jasmine and bella giving desk a paint over which of course ended up in giving each other a paint too
this little desk has been with us for a long time now
and bella has given it a fair beating with the last instalment being her using an entire packet of stickers to decorate it so when i suggested it needing painting she was more than happy to get in and help made even more fun with big sister helping also. yes, with two highly sensory personalities and a mama who was occupied elsewhere these two ended up with paint in all the wrong places..clothes, face, hair and legs. ahem- in my sleep deprived state i didn't see the funny side at the time...

but now we have a brand new desk for all that important playing, story-telling, drawing and set-ups that keep bella at her little station for all those hours.

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