Monday, February 20, 2012

{30 days of everyday} 15




Anonymous said...

What beautiful babies Skye - I'm full of awe that you are managing twins with a house full!! They, and you, are beautiful. How old are they now? I mightn't comment often, but I do love to come and check out your photos, and sometimes find that bit of serenity I'm searching for!! Anna

Skye said...

Hello Anna, you have been in my thoughts!! How are you going?
The babies are 14 weeks and yes, I mainly can only manage a few photos as life is so full-on; but I don;t want to forget these days. Many blessings to you- I hope the juggling of homeschooling and having a baby is going ok. Homeschooling has ben so much in my thoughts as Bella is not liking school too much...many thoughts there. Bless you and thank for saying hi-it's been very quite here lately. xx Skye