Thursday, November 24, 2011

and so it begins

the newness
the milky smell
on me on babies
the finally getting to put head on pillow
yet it was just five minutes and I'm up again
the washing piles getting higher each day
the gazing into those windows of the soul
as they start to be awake a little bit more each day
the relearning of so many things
but oh how it all does come back
and yes I'm more confident than I realized I would be
the worries
are they getting enough milk
why are they so windy
am I eating something that causes it
the skin still looks a little yellow
the unspeakable joy
she's looking at me Mama!
soft skin on my skin
I'll get the wipes for you Mama!
the windy smiles
the little clenched fists around my finger
the open, eager mouth searching for Mama's sustenance

despite this being the fifth (and sixth) time it's all new and I'm
marveling at the wonder of birth and new life


Inoureyes said...

Oh these babes of yours!
Such wonderful photos to share with us. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

What a great series of family photos. Welcome to the world Ryder and Rubi.

Lots of Love
Grandpa Pete and Robyn

Ruby said...

Beautiful photos. Your words are so real to me as I have watched my baby grandchildren these last few months.
Hope you catch up on sleep and the day. Enjoy them while you can.

milkandhoney said...

Beautiful photos and words. Can't wait to meet them tomorrow and catch up with you all. xx

Skye said...

Thanks for popping in to say hi peeps. Ruby- how exciting for you- congrat's!!

Mel said...

Oh Skye, these are beautiful pics. Your babies are gorgeous...wishing you lots of peace in these first few weeks and months. Wow..reading this brought back memories - how soon we forget hey! My little one is four soon and about to go into a booster seat. The first time in nearly 15 years that I'll drive a car with no infant car seat in it! :) I hope you get plenty of help and manage to catch some sleep soon! Mel x

earthkissed said...

Love the photo of the both of them just in their Nappies! They are so gorgeous.