Monday, September 19, 2011

living in the country

 is amazing!
The landscape at different times of the day changes into differing views of beauty. The wildlife that comes and goes depending on the season is a wonder for all of us (at the moment it's mating season for the Echidnas and we are seeing many on the property). The connection with creation is ever-inspiring and helps put life's annoyances into perspective.
my patience and tolerance for a particular little bird has come to an end : the Swallows.

When we first came to view our would-be home and I noticed a swallow swoop into this barn-like house, I was a bit enchanted. These are cute little chaps that make such a lovely chattering sound as they busily go about the day. Of course I didn't for one second consider the practicalities of what it would like with those little cuties swooping in and out, day after day, month after month.
As spring arrived the swallows have once again returned and they are busy. They have decided that inside our home is the best place to raise their own little family and so as soon as a door is left open in they swoop with dirt in their tiny little mouths to build their own abode. And although the process of watching these clever creatures build their nests is quite amazing, all I am noticing is how the walls are not white anymore and the floor and furniture have splats of whitey black marks that are making my already not-keeping-up cleaning list even longer. Yes, I have had enough and am trying to come up with a solution to keeping these mess-makers out of the house. This is certainly one area that I didn't foresee when we listed the pros and cons of moving to the country.- the dealing with bird splat on the walls.

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