Friday, July 22, 2011

beauty is present

Despite some very hard weeks
there is beauty everywhere,
if I look, seek it out, gather it up in my heart, take note.

first frost
his cooking in all its first-born perfection
Camellia's from the garden


Kerrie said...

Hello Skye! Took a moment to look at a few of your posts. So beautiful. Love that you are seeing the beauty. Really miss you. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Skye, finding inspiration again in your photos. Hope you are keeping well - are you still feeling sick? We had a little girl on 15th, born at home and all doing well. You forget how life slows down with the newborn, but she is a blessing. Anna

Skye said...

Hello Anna, So glad to hear you and baby girl are doing well! Wow, born at home, you legend!
My nausea is more in waves now, not so constant but it has been a bit rough. My motto at the moment is just put one foot in front of the other.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - that's my motto too, and I'm through the pregnancy! One moment at a time, and if there's a warm cup of tea at the end of it, well it's a bonus! When are you due? Were you sick like this with the others? Anna

Skye said...

Hi Anna,
I'm due end of nov/beginning dec.
I had my first scan last week and I'm having twins!! Still getting my head around the shock and how to get through the rest of this pregnancy.
would like my e-,ail, I'd love yours for further conversation...-