Sunday, June 26, 2011

my happy ten.

Today the sky is the clearest blue, the sun is warm and there is the slightest most gentle breeze...such a perfect winter's day.
My happy ten for these days of winter....

* his voice as he sounds out the more difficult words and that smile when he gets it.
* knowing daddy's home for the weekend and there will be good times, good coffee and a more balanced household (also mama gets some rest)
* making space on the kitchen bench for the bread machine, using it for the first time in ages and loving the smell of warmth as it fills this space.
* hearing this new baby's heart beating, making all this yukkiness count.
* friends visiting- good company and yummy food by the fire!
* Oh the fire!
* making use of the fact that I need to constantly be eating to ease the nausea, by spending more time than usual in the kitchen trying new recipes...loving Donna Hay's Seasons for inspiration.
* school holidays start next week. We might get that chapter book finished.
* her latest- 'Mama, I know how to count to a thousand: one, two, skip a few, a thousand!!'
* Daddy and sons playing table soccor together, making loud, joyful noise.


linnie said...

warm and yummy winters. I,m so proud of you in the midst of your beautiful family and its life you are creating. A wise woman builds her house. would love to sit by the fire with coffee and laugh and ........xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melissa Guyatt said...

thank you for a warm + cozy flying visit and rich conversation snippits xxx

Jen said...

I am so blessed to be able to picture you there, and I celebrate your joy with you... even more, I celebrate your decision to BE GLAD even if the feelings are not there. The garment of thankfulness to dispel the heaviness. Love you and your strength in weakness. xoxo