Tuesday, May 24, 2011

not ballet!

This little one has been asking to do 'Ballet' for  months and while I searched for somewhere not too serious she kept asking and reminding me. So when my Pilate's instructor (I've been twice so far) said she was starting  ballet lessons for her daughter and a few others, would Bella like to join in I thought it would be the perfect. I didn't realise it was going to real ballet and the teaching of positions..can you see how much she is concentrating? When she wasn't trying her best she was making faces at me that looked a little like 'rescue me! After  it was all done she announced that she would not be doing ballet, 'maybe when I'm 5' she says. Oh well, another outfit added to the dress-up basket. And how cute does she look especially with the texta that she decorated her face with an hour beforehand!


Kathryn said...

Hello Dear Skye! Your little one looks so adorable and grown up and yes, concentrating so hard!
Your blog is beautiful, as always. Missing you, sending love,
Kathryn F xxx

Kerrie said...

So gorgeous Skye! I love her outfit, she looks delightful!

Melissa Guyatt said...

Oh she makes me smile!!! Beautiful photos xx

Kirsten said...

Love love these photos!! Oh so serious! Beautiful Bella.