Friday, April 8, 2011

in the garden ~ plants and books

One of the joys for me about moving here is inheriting some lovely plants and the exciting journey of making the garden our own. There have been many plans talked about and lots of garden dreaming going on. Inspiration and information was found in a book store having a closing down sale. Yippee for me!
Gardening is a slow creative work which takes lots of tweaking, mistakes get made and corrected and all the while the spirit is fed, the mind calmed the heart sings. This is what gardening is for me. Hope you all find some time to be in the garden this weekend!
Warm Love,


lindsay said...

amen and amen .the soil the babe plants breaking through. the colours the Quiet conversation of gardening.the trill of creating along with the creator love it.x xxxx xx x x x x x x

lindsay said...

opps I ment thrill

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Gorgeous photos - and subjects! You have either a very good camera or are talented with it... or maybe both!