Wednesday, January 12, 2011

hopes for the year ahead

I hope this year I -

  • have more joy than ever before!              
  • delve deeper into my faith and find a faithful community to join and pray with.
  • fall in love with my spouse again and again.
  • ENJOY my children and have FUN with them.
  • learn some new skills and enjoy the process.
  • garden
  • read and read

  • will be the most gentle parent I can be.
  • forgive myself                                     
  • become healthier by exercising and eating healthy foods.
  • care less what others think                  

  • learn to live in the now

  • have more gratitude than ever before
  • have a warm home where love is felt and life is experienced to the full
  • quiet the voices that steer me away from my true self
  • have a cleaner, more organized home 
  • am outside and active as a family in all seasons.
  • sing
  • spend time with the friends I hold dearest

  • take a holiday no matter how short



Oh Amen - I adore your list and want the same things too. Can I share your list? May you be filled with all that you need to fulfill your list.

Skye said...

of course!! Thankyou Sweet E, I hope this year is all you dream also. xxx

lin x said...

beautifully pictured Love all the photos, especially the first. May the Lord turn His face toward you and be gracious to you.May He grant you the desires of you heart.Love you

Sarah said...

I love your heart whispers! I too desire to be all those whispers. xxx