Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the din undoes me

Thinking about this poem this morning as the noise in my own mind overwhelms.
Refection, silence, appreciation for the now and stillness of the mind seem so out of reach and yet apart of me knows that is all that matters...being present in this moment and all it has to offer.

Today despite my failures and harsh words I will start again. 
After all isn't that what advent is about.

Yes please, Grace.


M-Joy said...

Absolute truth my deAr friend and one I have been battling in my own mind through the slower days of December. Gratitude in the moment is a fragrant offering to the Father and He longs to carry all our cares so that in this very moment our burden is light. Gratitude in place of pain & anxiety - a significantly lighter burden indeed! Xx

lin x said...

love the photos , love the words, love you precious one.