Thursday, October 7, 2010

picture fall: day 6: subtleties

                    our one lone chicken ( the other two those puppies got to) has started laying again!    Day 7: After the Fall                                  

And on another note:
Through bleary eyes I'm weaving my way through towers of boxes, odds and ends, 3 baskets of washing and more to come, piles of stuff that emerged form some hidden hole within these four walls. It's starting to feel so real now. The kids are counting down the 'sleeps' until we move in to 'our farm'. Six acres of greenness on the NSW north coast that will soon be ours. ...but for now back to the boxes.



So thrilled for you that you have found your own farm! How very very exciting. Can't wait to see the photos appear on your blog after the move. How on earth are you managing to do Picture Fall while packing and moving house???

Lori said...

so happy for you :)