Tuesday, October 5, 2010

how the children amuse themselves whilst mama is packing (trying to)

 ~ eldest boy cooking stir-fry for lunch

 ~ capturing and dealing with prisoners

 ~ resting whilst listening to the story of The Littlest mermaid

~ kids packing their trinkets and treasures

~ counting down the days

~ finding old lego  maps and sharing the story

As well as-
getting into the milo tin
taking turns on the iphone playing Doodle Jump
playing animal babies
making cubby houses in mama's room
sadly pulling apart lego creations for transporting
playing hunters and animals
fighting about the rules of hunters and animals
getting hurt whilst playing hunters and animals
watching Ben 10 (Bella's choice)
having 'Zachie time'
engaging mama in intense conversations over differing parenting styles and learning to accept that others do it differently from us

and the day slips away and what is done is done.        

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Linda said...

where are you moving to Skye?