Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whatcha readin??

This is a question often on my lips. I'm always on the look out for good books, for all of us. Not that we've actually got any book space left but hey, there's always a basket that can be filled.

Here are some of the books getting around our place at the moment:-

Mama ::

Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard- I was drawn to this because when I was younger I had a real thing for Paris- for years. I took french lessons, bought Paris travel books and studied the city in depth. I planned to work as an Au pair over there and it was a dream I held for a number of years. Wanting something a bit light I picked up this. It's peppered with recipes and love and is pure escapism.

Monkey Grip by Helen Garner- I'm about half way through this one. Its not the happiest of novels but its interesting to watch as the two main characters are in a constant tugging and pulling with each other and how this can effect everyone that's close to them. As I'm reading I'm asking myself what do I have a monkey grip with and why?

Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore- I actually picked this one up at a second-hand bookshop. Yes, the title grabbed me... I am a little sick of the pits.

How children Learn by John Holt- I picked this up again last week as I've been questioning the what and how of our home school.

Wreck this Journal by Keri Smith- my daughter wants this book so I'm going to buy a blank journal and fill in the pages. She loves checking what crazy thing I've done and telling me which ones she would love to do. Fun especially when you need a creative vent.

Wives and daughters by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell- This one I'm reading when I get a few minutes here and there on my iphone-it's on the ilibrary app. I'm actually reading a few-they are all mostly classics.

River Cottage every day by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall- Aren't cookbooks great reading material? Especially when the daily dinner inspiration is low. I am so in love with this book!! There are so many doable recipes and the breakfast ones are delicious!!

Next up( that is when I get to it) will be what the kids are reading and that could be a very long post...
Any good book recommendations anyone??


kate said...

You must check out the BBC miniseries of Wives and Daughters. It is *excellent* (and available on Netflix).

Skye said...

Thankyou Kate-I'm sure I would love that series.I loved Cramford so much.

Emma said...

Love to see your books Skye. Would love to Read Lunch in Paris. Sounds like perfect escapist reading - just what I would love right now. Like you, I always have about 4 books going on my bedside table, sometimes more.

Kerrie said...

Such inspiring reading, want to check out that cook book!

Jen said...

Your bookshelf is always a feast, an inspiration. I would love to read the John Holt book.
I am reading Bill Bryson's latest book "At Home", which is great, but I do need to mix it up with something else... my bedside table is looking decidedly empty at the moment!

Lori said...

how are you enjoying rereading holt? :^)

Skye said...

Hi Lori!!If I start feeling as if there is not enough 'learning' going on around here, John Holt helps get a bit more perspective, get a 'bigger picture' look at how children learn and in fact that its all ok. I do wonder about different learning styles and he doesn't really address that, but I try not to impose my own agenda on the chld/children but more draw out of them. What about you?...any thoughts or good books of a similar genre??