Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what i love :: winterish

:: the morning sun

:: the crisp blue sky

:: nature art

:: the boys taking their dogs on morning walks

:: a splash of red amidst the muted cold afternoon


Renelle said...

I love the things you appreciate in life and nature, never stop doing that, it is a god-given gift to you and your children. Blessings Renelle

Anonymous said...

I love your photos Skye, they really capture a moment! Anna

Skye said...

Thanks Ladies- love to *meet* those who drop in.

Jen said...

I completely echo both of these commenters - your photos and your heart of appreciation for nature is awesome, and always inspiring. I especially love the bokeh you got in the photo of the banksia seeds (is that what they are?). xoxox

Jen said...

And I love the word "winterish"!