Thursday, August 26, 2010

needing nature

all of us.
it soothes
and brings us back to
who we really are,
at the core of our
creative souls
created in the image
of the


earthkissed said...

I so love your photos, it just brings out the beauty in simplicity. I love you too:)

Kerrie said...

You've captured your time beautifully Skye xx

Jen Larsen said...

Your pics make even an overcast, cold and rainy day look like something I'd love to be part of. I can totally feel the restorative nature of nature through this post. Gorgeous.

Emma said...

Beautiful photos Skye. This week I was reading the body of research that says time in nature builds memory and the ability to concentrate. For example a walk in the city did nothing in terms of mental restoration/ memory capacity whereas a walk in nature restored the ability to focus on a task and improved the capacity to remember things.