Monday, August 16, 2010

gluten-free scones and cooking with a little sister

There has been such a flurry of cooking here lately and some particular people around here prefer to cook not with the gluten-free flour so eldest boy has not really been getting to enjoy all the yummies coming from the kitchen.
Which has lead him to do some cooking of his own. He loves lemons and we have a pile of them so after browsing through the cookbooks he settled on Lemon Butter and scones to go with them.
Whenever someones cooking, like a magnet comes a little three year old shouting 'I'm helping!'
And whether or not the help is wanted she stays until licking and dipping requirements have been satisfied. Which as seen in above photo can lead to some fiesty (and messy) times in the kitchen.
But in the end the results are oh so good and with lots of Lemon Butter to spare I discovered it goes quite nicely with ice cream.


Emma said...

Skye, I love the sound of all that cooking.It makes me think of a blog I love called She does loads of fabulous cooking and her small children do most of it.

Jen said...

sigh. so much goodness. i love bella's "grumpy face". and isn't it wonderful how many things we discover go well with icecream? what a marvelous, versatile food it is.

Kerrie said...

How delightful Skye, and scones are tricky, thank goodness for lemon butter.