Saturday, April 17, 2010

right now

nature table~ we found the biggest hairy caterpillar ever and I was happy to have it as far away as possible but no he ended up on the nature table.
Second-hand~ the $10 typewriter I got from a secondhand book shop was set up on the table ready to make some messages by eldest girl.
Old~ two things from my childhood which recently came into my hands and have made me so happy as I thought that most was gone. These silver candle holder's were my Grannies, they are so old and beautiful and the green velvet mirror was ours and I had completely forgotten it until my dad pulled it out from under his house. At first I wasn't sure but brought it home anyway and now I am so glad I did because I actually think it is vintage loveliness.
Grateful~ I never want to forget how every time my girl takes Missy for a walk down our street she brings me back simple beauty because she knows I love them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Skye,
Think of what the caterpillar grows into! It is not very beautiful right now, but oh, what a transformation it undergoes. :D

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,
Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

Anonymous said...

Divine, dear friend. So gracefilled and beautiful, just like you. Thank you for sharing.

Kerrie said...

Beautifully said Skye, glad I popped by x