Sunday, November 22, 2009

still : beauty

silence fills the weary spaces of my being
stillness is like raindrops on this parched soul
slowly I unfold
open up
the Son's warm rays ignite
I am me
in his warmth I am me
I am still
and beauty surrounds

Amazing husband and father has taken our four wild and precious children camping for the weekend so I have had this usually bustling and busting home all to myself. No noise, no messes, no food to prepare....just the beautiful sounds of silence. My heart is bursting with gratitude.
Of course I can't wait to see them in a few hours. They will burst out of the car fighting and pushing to get in the door first, all hold me at once, talk at once telling of all the things that daddy did with them that perhaps would be better if I didn't know.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece of prose.

The sounds of silence are something that I have never heard.

Have a wonderful weekend and homecoming.

Michelle said...

Hi, just found you on the aussie homeschool blog roll. I love that poem. I too have the same happen when they pile out of the car after daddy has taken them out.