Friday, August 7, 2009

inspiring~ kids crafting

There has been a surge of crafting around here lately, more than usual and I have loved seeing the results of the children's creativity, how they find something and that can all of sudden light up the eyes and put their hands to work. I have been inspired to do some making myself and make sure that I feed this real need in my own life.
At times when I feel the inspiration is low for all of us I try to change an area , set up new crafting materials or provide some new project to breathe some fresh creativity into all of us.
A kitchen cupboard full of food package boxes, a bowl of cut up pieces of paper with glue handy , some new paints or clay and definitely glitter for the little one . The little things can be all we need to get that zing back & starseeing things afresh. For me the childrens making is inspiring enough to get making I just need to work on fitting it in.

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