Saturday, August 22, 2009

co-operation leading to much fun

Today my guys were having a little difficulty with getting along (more than usual). I could feel my patience coming to its limit and not wanting to let mount mama blow I tried to think of a game where perhaps we could learn some co-operation skills: a play would be perfect especially as we have some very dramatic personalities around here. They had to choose a fairy tale from one of Zachs fairytale books we'd been working through, they had to choose roles and props, work out lines etc. SO here's The Billy Goats Gruff Walcott style. Such fun for the remainder of the day and plans to do another one.

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Anonymous said...

Now, that is a constructive way to deal with family angst. :)

It sounds as if you've had loads of fun along the way - well done!

Have a great 2010,