Monday, July 20, 2009

a day is...

full of questions-
- I am so tired how on earth am I going to get through to the end
-how am I going to be all they need today
-will I have what it takes to be cleaner, food preparer, dispute settler, negotiator, nurturer, rythym keeper and so on.
full of limitations-
-I haven't even got my feet to the floor and they need wheat free, egg free, sugar free, dairy free everything free breakfast, lunch and dinner and I don't feel like getting my head around it today. - First born son is ungrateful, unhappy with everything and everyone and if I see that snarl on his face one more time I'm going to send him to bed for the day without any books.
-The very thing I so desire to create here - a place of grace and warmth is something I never had and my dreams last night brought back memories of a childhood filled with pain, now I hear the banter between them, it has started early today-'you ugly pig how dare you pinch me!'
Oh Lord how to teach grace when I feel empty.
full of mistakes-
harsh words and lack of patience

a day is... also full of....


his mercies are new every morning.


Kezwick said...

I love the way the pictures speak of the grace more than words could...just beautiful, keep pressing on, in Him xx

suzy said...

Sending prayers and a (((hug))) your way.
All I can say is, I relate :) Sometimes all I can do is bring the things I cannot hold onto to Him.
He holds it all in His hands.
Your photos are beautiful expressions of His grace.
God Bless

earthkissed said...

You have created a beautiful loving environment we're they can explore who they are in complete security - don't doubt you are doing well - and if you need something because you are having a bad day - just call.