Sunday, July 5, 2009

allergy -free cooking

In an effort to figure out some health issues with 9yob we have embarked on a 3-6month period of staying away from foods that his blood test showed highly reactive to. This includes eggs, sugarcane, dairy and gluten and a few others like his much loved oats. We usually have porridge for breakfast most mornings.
To support and perhaps improve over all health ( thinking especially 2yog who still wakes with wind issues a few times a night), we are all doing egg, gluten, sugar and dairy free. And can you believe our chickens only just started laying a few weeks prior to us starting this new eating plan so we will be giving eggs away to friends and neighbours.
The hardest meal to adjust too has been breakfast as everyone liked their milky porridge or muesli and we have yet to come up with a milk substitute we like.
Although hard these changes have been very positive. I feel more organised with our weekly menu, we aren't eating out as much, we are trying a variety of foods and generally eating better.
I've been using Zylotol and Agave syrup for sweeteners in baking and really no one notices the difference. There are so many substitutes available now its just a matter of finding one that works for you and your own needs.

Some favourites have been these morning muffins especially good on these cooler mornings and they are literally gone in minutes. I'm not sure wether it will get easier or harder as we go along but so far the transition hasn't been too difficult and really the kids have adapted so well with few grumblings- I think all the baking goodies helps.

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Anonymous said...

We use goats' milk as a substitute, and our children have been much better on it. It's low allergy and it's much easier to digest.

We have tried packaged goats' milk, but it is nothing like the real thing. Our goats' milk tastes just like cows' milk, but without the associated problems.