Thursday, June 25, 2009

on being muddled

Sometimes life seems muddled.
And not just a day but a season of muddledness ( is that even a word?) and it can be kind of grey living in muddled-land.
I feel like I've been there for a while. It can be frustrating place to live as you know you have things you dream of doing and a person you dream of being, ( This is stupid I know but I'm tired and want to remind myself in a years time when I'm hopefully through this that even though the tunnel was dark and long there was a light at the end and we did all get through by his grace and learnt some along the way).

Forgive (self mainly)
One day at a time.
Give thanks.

These words.... my heart whispers out to the muddled mind of now. and I think I'm getting a little bit better at hearing and responding and in those times a little of the grey is replaced by color.
I'm hanging out for it...some more color.
I'm thinking a rainbow is coming my way soon.

1 comment:

earthkissed said...

*hug* There are even better things ahead then rainbows.