Thursday, April 9, 2009


Oh my these birthdays are coming way too quickly and these little ones are growing up faster than the growing this mama needs to be doing. But each day they are unfolding and so am I along with them, all of us learning to be our best selves amidst the bumps in the road and the warmth of the sun we are journeying together. They are my inspiration and this year I see them fresh- they are young and growing, and they are strong, they are full to the brim of energy and life, they are passionate and adventurous. I am truly blessed. Aren't all of us mama's.

This one takes my breath away. Six!
There have been many changes in the little man over the past few months preceding his turning of six. He has been my baby for longer than the elder two and well now he is becoming his own person, drifting further away from those protective mama arms and throwing himself head first into the person he is to become. There has been more of a fighting spirit, more giving things a go, more independence and determination, a sense of his own creativity and interests. He sees and notices the quirkiest & most wonderful things like how the shape of his ear is like a 3, the dark & light colors of a rock, a leaf that is curled around itself and he is always bringing in more for the nature table. He is the one to calm, to care, to love at just the right moment, he helps me to stop and breath.


Kezwick said...

A beautiful boy...we love knowing him... and lovely Skye, words from your mama heart that will be read and delighted in for many years to come. xx

Lori said...

happy happy birthday wishes :^)

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Happy birthday, young man! :)

earthkissed said...

I can't believe he's six. Where does the time go?