Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rock sculpture and hot glue gun fun

Zach (5yob) has been so focused and into the possibilities that a hot glue gun can bring.
Read a story with mama-nah, work on sound book-nah, what about some copywork-nahnahnah. How about you work on your project?- Yeah great idea mum! I need more rocks and sticks!
I love these sculptures Z5 has been making. We are sure to have many more, I can't wait to see the variations when he finds something else from outside to add.


Anonymous said...

Hi Skye,
Zach is rather artistic, especially for five. I wonder what he will become when he gets older - sculptor, maybe?

Lori said...

these are awesome!

Skye said...

Zach has a very different and loose creativity, he doesn't draw much but when he does his drawings are very architectural-all these amazing lines. Its wonderful seeing the different faces of creativity through all 4 children. Warmly S.