Wednesday, April 29, 2009

longing for the country

In particular Northern NSW.

That ain't gonna happen anytime soon but a weekend away with four amazing Mama's certainly fills the spot. Such loveliness in many different forms last weekend that will stay with me for a long time. I'm so very grateful for the company and the surroundings.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful scenery!

I like New South Wales, especially around Eden, Pambula and Merimbula, as it is so green.

Skye said...

Yes the green was what my soul was yearning for. We stayed in Bangalow it was so beautiful. The sounds too, constant birds, rushing water and rustling leaves on trees-I tried to drink deep. Blessings. X S

milkandhoney said...

Yes, I too dream of living in the country. :)
Rolling green hills, fresh running streams, big trees, blue skies, birds, farm animals.... Ahhhhh.....

Had such a beautiful weekend away.
The house was soooo lovely and the shopping and coffee in town was fun too.

Kezwick said...

Your pictures capture beautifully the surrounds, must be from that great walk you had x

earthkissed said...

glad you had a good time, the pictures made me feel very jealous.... I'd love for you to have a place in the country, somewhere beautiful for me to visit:)