Tuesday, April 21, 2009

after the rain

the flowers bloom and remind me of of the cycles of life. There will be rain and sometimes it may feel as if we're drowning in it but then one day the sun comes out and we see again, feel the warmth, smile, laugh and shine.
I've been thinking lately in what ways do I bring warmth into our home, into my children's days:

warmth is a smile instead of a frown.
warmth is loud music and a dance around the kitchen.
warmth is an extra chapter of the book.
warmth is tea and chocolate brownies.
warmth is lighting a candle and giving thanks.
warmth is holding my tongue and opening my ears.
warmth is slowing down and living in this moment.

Warmth is soul food. Warmth is contentment and gratitude, an inner joy.


Kezwick said...

how beautiful skye, being still and slowing down help me begin to be in that place, something I need to do purposely, thanks for a lovely reminder.xx

Linda said...

Thanks again Skye..a timely prompt for me to again slow down and bring some warmth to my home....miss you guys...your little ones are growing so fast.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful poetry, Skye!

Do you know what the picture of the top flower is? It's gorgeous!

Skye said...

The photos are from my garden, the top one is the first blossoms on my lemon tree that I got recently for my b'day. I was so excited to see it s first flowers ( so are the bees).
Thankyou ladies for your kind words are sharing in glimpses of my days and thoughts.

Lori said...

beautiful photos and beautiful thoughts. :^)

this is what i was trying to express the other day writing about setting the tone.

another one for me would be - saying yes instead of automatically saying no!


Skye said...

Lori- Thankyou.I was cloes to putting that one in too-about the saying yes, I've been working on that also. LOve the campcreeking for kids idea. I've been thinking of joining flickr.xx

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