Sunday, March 8, 2009

days of summer ~ 24 and no more

:: Didn't get to the brook but I did find water, sand and shells.
Buckets of shells, hats full of rocks and tired, delighted bodies came home after our day at the beach.
I really enjoyed doing this little days of summer in photo, it made me think about the seasons and what marks summer for us, what will the children's memories be of their summers, what is significant for our family in this hot and humid season that goes on and on for what feels like half the year. Our summer days continue even though its now officially Autumn- the children have been coming up with all kinds of suggestions for another series, the favorite so far-'awesome autumn'.


M-Joy said...

I have really enjoyed visiting your series S - somehow, the steamy unbarableness doesn't seem so bad in the light of these delightful memories! Gratitude isn't it?!
So looking forward to the next series of creativity...and that cuppa!! xx M

Kezwick said...

Lovely inspiring reading tonight Skye. Have missed seeing you, have to have a drop in soon. Speaking of nature walks, I am enjoying 'Pocket ful of Pinecones' you loaned me, need some inspiration injected into our homeschool x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Skyepie,
every time I look at your blog I am reminded of what an amazing, talanted and anointed mother you are. So inspiring.. especially for a sleep deprived tentative mum of a 4 week old Jemima girl. Miss you and cant wait till friday! xoxoxoxxo