Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some days you just need chocolate cake

~new blueberry bush (b'day pressie) chewed up by puppy, potting mix everywhere.
~worm farm tipped over by 5yo trying to get a worm to feed to baby water dragon, castings everywhere, baby water dragon escaped, 5yo upset.
~puppy's sloppy poos on path toddler stepped in it.
~toddler climbed up onto 9yo brothers desk to say Hi to fish, water everywhere fish nearly dead, maths book soaking, brother very angry.
~5yob searching pantry, agave syrup falls, lid comes off, syrup everywhere.
~toddler does two poos within half an hour and there are no nappies left.
~at the supermarket toddler rips open packet of biscuits, yes, biscuits everywhere.
~It's not even lunchtime yet and I didn't include the hitting, teasing and general not listening, or the fact that its that time of the month. I was feeling a little like Alexander and the terrible, horrible ,no good, very bad day.

We needed to make a change in the direction of the day, we needed a little cheering up, we needed some soul food. And what could be better for those mischief makers and their grumpy mama than homemade, warm chocolate cake. They gathered around the table stuffing mouthfuls of heart warming goodness into tummies and listened to Dr. Dolittle's escape from Africa with the help of Prince Bumpo, they smiled and I smiled and even though we had an Alexander-type morning (and to be honest the afternoon wasn't much better) we had our chocolate cake and it was sooo yummy 7yog declared 'Mama's famous chocolate cake is sooo good!' Just what we needed. A little bit of chocolate happiness to brighten the no good very bad day. Some days you just need chocolate cake.


milkandhoney said...

Oh Skye... what a morning you had. I'm with you on the monthly calender, wouldn't have minded a handful of that warm chocolate cake. :) What a beautiful mum you are for making the cake and holding it together after a terrible morning. You are amazing.
Hope you're day is much better today.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely awful morning, but God says:

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Rom 8:28

You coped really well by making the chocolate cake. I don't know that I would have been so patient, especially towards the end. That chocolate cake looks soooo yummy!

Kezwick said...

Thanks for sharing the reality of your day, I was smiling all through your descriptions, imagining each one, even though I know it would have terrible at the time.
You spoke grace into the day with your chocolate cake:)
You continue to be an inspiration to me xx

Linda said...

really missing friends today, smiling and crying all at the same time reading about your day. Hope today has been a better day. Your little ones are so blessed to have you as their mum. I don't think a chocolate cake would have been my answer...blessings to you skye.
Looking forward to seeing Ros and John tomorrow...a little bit of home.

earthkissed said...

That was an impressively bad morning! Hope the chocolate cake did the trick.

earthkissed said...

My friend was reflecting on a bad shopping experience with her child when she came across this news link and shared it. I thought it might cheer you up (based solely on the fact that it's not your child), it certainly made me laugh...