Tuesday, February 3, 2009

days of summer ~ 14

summer reading...a little bit of now...

:: Pagoo by H C Holling...we've had two starts at this, when I first brought it out last year there was no sparkle/interest and a few groans so I put it away. This summer we've spent alot of time at the beach exploring the rock pools, playing in the sand etc so I thought I'd give it another go. To be honest we had to plough through the first bit , I read only a few pages each day at first until every one's interest has perked up and now, well, we'll be going to find our very own Pagoo and other tidal pool creatures again very soon.
:: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle- Has anyone else read this one? My eldest two are on the edge of their seats and begging for one more chapter. I've caught snippets of conversations- 'will Meg and Charles ever find their father?' and 'Now that Mrs Which, Mrs Who and Mrs What have left them will they be able to fight The Thing on their own?'. ..exciting stuff and plenty to ponder and discuss.
:: Allison Lester baby board books- These are so gorgeous I'm keeping them for my grandchildren or buying another set as they may have fallen apart by then...the point is these books, illustrations and words are delightful. All of us have enjoyed sitting with Bella snuggled as she points to her favourite pictures on the page. The books are Crashing and Splashing, Bumping and Bouncing, Bibs and Boots, Happy and Sad. Note-we love all the Allison Lester books and did you know she also writes chapter books, my son just finished The Quicksand Pony and said it was very exciting so she's great all round-highly recommended.
:: Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes a cookbook for preschoolers & up by Mollie Katzen- This is a recent purchase which I had on my wish list for a while and well, we do alot of kid cooking round here and I wanted to try some new things as well as get out of the way a bit. This book is perfect for young cooks to feel some independence in the kitchen, they suggest the cooking is a partnership rather than the child being your helper and this encourages them to try new things.
:: Sunflower Houses a book for children & their grown-ups by Sharon Lovejoy- a gardening book for children. I've been reading aloud a few pages a day over summer and there is something whimisical and enticing about the recollections of a childhood spent making dolls from flower petals and fairy furniture from seedpods and leaves. I think I love this more than the children! We've already planted our sunflower seeds but most of them have died so we'll have another seed sowing session soon and hopefully....
:: Ten in the Bed by Penny Dale- illustrations to go all mushy over. My nearly 2 yog actually laughs out loud when I read this to her. This book is enjoyable for all ages too, the older kids sidle over and startsinging and acting out the next one to go 'bump' or 'dink'. Long time favourite.


milkandhoney said...

Bella looks so cute reading her books... :)
Nice to have a cuppa and cake this arvo with you.

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Oh, isn't she so cute reading her book?

My daughter loves reading books, and usually reads about 150-200 books each year.

Skye said...

WE also have a couple of avid readers- I still and they do too LOVE reading together all close sharing stories..Its one of my best things about being a Mumma-reading to my kids.

Kezwick said...

Wow, great reviews, thanks for that, you will have to do a regular entry!! Great photo of Bella too:)