Thursday, January 15, 2009

the warmth of sunny days

Sentiments I wholeheartedly agree with from my sweet 7yog. We've been talking a lot about last year in all its difficulties but also remembering the many, many moments of beauty, inspiration and connectedness. The sun still shining behind those grey clouds , still filtering through to warm us and encourage us to continue on.
And now another year ahead of us and I can truly say I'm feeling and seeing a whole lot more sunshine coming our way..(perhaps its the extra sleep I'm getting).
So many good times over Xmas and new year..sunshine, sand and surf and a whole lot more...
For the rest of January I'll be sharing some of our days of summer while I do a little preparing, book accumulating, house rearranging and general beginning of the year organising.
Anyone else what to join me in some days of summer?


milkandhoney said...

Great idea... Love to share these days of summer too in January. Love the card from Jasi.
Looking forward to a great 2009. xx

Kezwick said...

Loving these days too, and have that desire in me too to rearrange and sort for the year!!