Wednesday, November 12, 2008

something yummy : Blueberry Desert Cake

To improve the health of our family, some of us have been going wheat and dairy free and we are all benefiting from it as you can see from the photo above. Not wanting to miss out in the baking department because of our recent dip into gluten free we have been testing different flours and recipes trying to come up with yummy alternatives to old favourites. And this one was a big winner.  We 're talking no leftovers for mumma with her cup of tea later that night, we're talking the plate licked clean!!
8yo boy chose this one from gluten free and easy by robyn russell.( The photos are beautiful and the recipes really are easy, this book is a great entry into gluten free cooking. It's in the side bar if your interested.) and he did most of it himself with me hanging around  helping when asked. He loved pouring over the ridiculously yummy sauce and licking the insides of the pan as did the others when there noses told them the cake was out of the oven.
So here's  the recipe (let me know how it goes) :- as I'm typing this down I've realised that I didn't quite follow it exactly I'm a 'can't follow a recipe to the t' kinda girl so I'll add my substitutes in brackets.

you'll need-
70g blueberries use frozen if you can't find fresh ones rather than canned. (I always have frozen berries in the freezer so we did the frozen option).
1 1/2 tblspn castor sugar
zest of 1 orange
80g a good gluten free flour
60g polenta 
80g almond meal
2 tspns baking pwdr
1tspn xanthum gum
teeny bit of salt
3 eggs plus 1 egg white
100g butter melted
1/4 cup buttermilk ( i use a mix of half natural yogurt and half full cream milk instead of buttermilk)
75g castor sugar, extra 
1/4 cup apple puree 

1-oven to 180 C & grease a round springform tin
2-mix blueberries, sugar, orange zest in a saucepan and stir until sugar has melted in the berry juice. put aside.
3-In a bowl mix the flour, polenta (instead of polenta as we didn't have any we just used more g-free SRF), almond meal, baking pwdr, xanthum gum and salt.
4-In a seperate bowl beat eggs, egg white, extra sugar, melted butter, buttermilk, apple puree until frothy and then add to dry ingredients. Pour into cake tin and gently swirl in blueberry mixture.
5-bake for 35-40min or until golden and cooked in centre. Leave in pan for 10min. Turn out and serve with blueberry sauce.

Blueberry Sauce-
1/4 cup of sugar with 1 tblspn of  the leftover orange squeezed & 125g blueberries in saucepan and stir until boiling, reduce heat & simmer until berries are juicy. Add I tspn of cornflour to a little of the sauce and stir into rest of sauce. Simmer until it thickens. Remove and stir in 100g blueberries. 
Enjoy on a table laid out all nice with flowers and tea.

And more gluten free goodness to come.


Kezwick said...

Thanks Skye, we will be trying it for sure! Also can I possibly have the date muffin one you did recently. Look forward to catching up soon. xx

Kirsten said...

Skye what a beautiful blog!!! Wow, I can't believe I've never visited. Cake looks yummy! What is xanthium gum... or whatever that was?

Skye said...

Kezwick- I'm going to do the muffin post soon. Every time I bake I forget to take a photo before they are all gobbled up.XX
Kirsten- Thanks for visiting. Xanthum gum is a substitute for wheat gluten you could leave it out and use normal Self Raising Flour.XX