Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I know this photo is blurry but these two wouldn't stop for more than a second so it was the best I was going to get. You see they are fighting robbers. And not just any robbers...invisible robbers!! Four gangs, twelve in each gang. 'We've defeated two gangs because of our good skill'.
The robbers had stolen 5yo boy toy dragon head and wings. 'They've got the dragon head on their ship! The most powerful is the king with a beard and we can defeat him together!!'

Once again ...the pure, uncomplicated truth from the mouth of my little ones. Together. Together we are so much stronger. Together the burdens from the light to the heavy are more manageable. Together we can share in all the day has to offer be it one to enjoy or endure. Sometimes I charge on into the day set in my mind how the day is going to run and sometimes I lag behind feeling weary or distracted. The best days are those where I walk beside.


Nikki said...

I just love reading your blog (found you through Bec's blog). The kids always look like they're having loads of fun and you must be just a supermum because you make looking after four beautiful children so easy!

Kezwick said...

Love the costumes...very cool shot! We are taken on such an adventure when we, like you said...walk beside!