Thursday, August 28, 2008

together ::2

Its funny how once you speak something out it seems to get tested...the very next day!
The post I did the other day on walking beside, keeping together and being in the flow with
one another came right back at me at 9:30 the next morning after I had harshly hurried everyone out the door. Even though I knew we had to be out of the house by nine I got this crazy need to get all 3 baskets of washing folded. I kept watching the clock telling myself yeah, I can do it. As it got closer to leaving time I began ordering children about, and as children do they got distracted but I just kept my eye on the goal- I was nearly done, a half a load to go. And then 5min to needing to be out the door time and shoes still not on, bags not ready, teeth not brushed and on and on..hurry up!, hurry up! As I got in the car I sat there and realised I had done exactly what I didn't want to do. I had got up and charged into the day knowing we had to be somewhere. knowing the children needed time and help to get themselves ready. I apologised to the children and determined to walk through the rest of the day together.
And we did. We enjoyed each other and when things started to go a little crazy (as they often do around here) we did what we often do which is all gather on the lounge and read.

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