Friday, August 1, 2008

Surrendered Days ::5

Mother Nature our Teacher;
Creation our Classroom.
Today was an outdoors day from sunrise to sunset.
Today was a Daddy day and for the first time - Daddy blog entry.

I so enjoyed today - delighting in my children, partaking in their lives with no schedules or appointments. Slowing down and seeing. 1yog's excitement at every living thing from dogs, ducks and turkeys. Her determination as she crawled through undergrowth chasing that turkey. 7yog's delight in beauty as she picked flowers and scattered them in the wind. 8yob's determination to climb the tree, to cross the monkey bars. All of this and so much more I so easily miss in my 'full' day. But here with a thousand colours, sounds and smells pouring over me all else is forgotten.

The 'impossible tree' - climbed.

1yo more traditional approach?

Looking for duck nests!

I want the turkey.

A day well spent!


milkandhoney said...

What a fantastic day... Great photos. The weather was so beautiful yesterday.
How can you be blogging while you are away?
Is this your hubby?

guess who said...

hello matt

Kezwick said...

Well said M, what a great day for you all!

earthkissed said...

It's good to spend time with family and leave work behind, glad you had a lovely day