Saturday, July 26, 2008

a week is full of....

8yob teaching 1yog to be gentle
a gift from 7yog
5yob learning sounds and patience as little sister has to be up where the action is
holding this one so close and snuggly....and still
outside art (again with little sister in the action)

:: a week is full of dishes needing to be washed, floors needing to be swept, laundry, sorting out strops and whatnots, preparing meals, clearing surfaces high and low and countless other tasks that have to be done to maintain a somewhat ordered home.
:: a week is full of moments, oh so full of moments if we are open to see them. The moment where something is exchanged, a connection is made small or large. An idea is sown and a response given. A passion ignited and a project is birthed. A kindness is shown. A lesson learned. A heart is open and forgiveness received. These and countless other moments create the essence of what home is. Where the mundane is actually holy and eternally of value. Where the unfolding of lives is before us and we get to be apart of something quite miraculous.


Kezwick said...

So beautiful and so true, yes we can so miss these moments if we are not careful! Thank you!

earthkissed said...

lovely thoughts