Thursday, July 31, 2008

surrendered days ::3

Today was full of creative expression from the wee one putting her hands in the scone dough,squishing and tasting it to the 5 & 7 yo digging in the worm farm for worms and then drawing what they find. Creativity can take many forms and when there is a freedom to express it in individual ways hearts and minds flourish only becoming more motivated and inspired..its a joyous process to be apart of. Here are a few pieces of today-

Hot Rocks-a favourite activity around here.

Using herbs from the garden to make 'medicine'.

We enjoyed a yummy morning tea of Strawberry Shortcakes and Strawberry Shortcake and Roibos Tea with everyone helping in some form from cutting and mixing to rinsing and clearing.
It was a beautiful sunny day and the children spent a large part of it outside working together building an obstacle course.
Looking forward to tomorrow...

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earthkissed said...

That morning tea looks delicious