Saturday, July 5, 2008

just a little bit of making..

new pants out of old t-shirt
crude dress for baby emily out of leftovers
miss buttons for 7yog.

and hopefully more to come.It's taken me a while to actually do something with this crazy need to make ,anything.Just to be able to finish & accomplish a task,to be able to hold something up & proclaim 'I made this!'I don't know why it is so satisfying perhaps its the immediate results and it helps that it is received with happiness .Regardless of why I'm looking forward to creating a little more makin time.


earthkissed said...

I hadn't seen the pants yet - they're very funky!! Well done.

M-Joy said...

Now this is the first time I have left a anyone, very bad am I not! I think that the creative makin mama has been unleashed! I will always encourage this side of you precious friend as I understand the impatient desire to see something finished amid a world-incomplete. These little pieces of you are excellent! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Well hello you gorgeous, earth-mama hunk of creative burnin' love!!! Can I have what she's having?? You are my superstar hero - look at you girl!! Why do you do it? Because you simply must create - it is just you... Love always your armish friend and fellow believer in your creative fabulousness..

Kezwick said...

I am with you on's been so long since I've created something and finished it and it feels so good I think I have caught the bug...your creations are wonderful!