Saturday, July 12, 2008

being five

This past week the eldest two have been doing tai kwon do holiday day camp.They have made new friends, played group games and for the most part had a great week. This has meant I have had a little bit more time to be with the little guy our 5 yo and he has had a bit more space for himself. We've made things from clay, had a picnic at the park, splashed in puddles with friends , watched and talked TMNT (for those not in the know that is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and had plenty of cuddles and conversations on the lounge.This little guy is not as in my face as the eldest two and so it has been a joy to me to hear him and the things going on in his little 5yo heart such as:
# he would like to travel to the moon and sleep there because it would be so soft but on second thought it might be hard and actually God sits there and watches us.
# his favourite thing to do with 8yo brother is spy on 7yo sister.
# his favourite thing to do with 7yo sister is play puppies.
# his favourite thing to do with baby sister is to cuddle her.
# no where in the whole wide world is there a better mumma than his one.
# flowers picked by baby sister certainly DO NOT go inside his car and that makes him fairly grumpy.
# skateboarding is so cool.
# photo booth can keep one occupied for a surprising amount of time.


milkandhoney said...

What a cute little kid you have... Love the smile.

earthkissed said...

He is such a sweet heart