Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Benefits of Homeschooling

Those bleary eyes I talked about a few posts ago are still bleary, actually the world is looking pretty fuzzy through those eyes right now.After 5 nights in hospital & frequent trips to the doctors & a 7yob still not well school has taken a major back seat.It's the beauty of homeschooling that we can prioritise life.Right now rest & recovery are the most important things-reading on the lounge,watching a few too many DVD's,doing whatever I need to do to help my son become well,making sure everyone is on the road to wellness & strength with hearts being filled as well as bodies being stengthened.
So this week we are doing some fun stuff In little spurts.We are making a family treasures book.With pages including where we live,pets,what we enjoy doing,family tree & who knows what else- depends on if we're enjoying it or not.A few crafts like painting rocks, drawing nature& making cards.We are also enjoying reading Snugglepot & Cuddlepie- 4yob's chosen chapter book:The horse and his boy by CS Lewis for 7yob, The little princess for 6yog,as well as lots of picture books .
Nice & easy ,relaxed & fun-thats what I hope for while we are all getting back on our feet.

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earthkissed said...

Hope you are all now well recovered!