Monday, June 25, 2007

Making The Most

Today I really tried to not let it be a wasted day.To make sure my interactions with the chilldren were sweet,encouraging & productive.I don't know if i was 100% successful but i do feel that despite feeling unwell we all had a peaceful day.I was relaxed in my expectations as far as school work went.I encouraged & directed them yet did not go head to head when I could see they were distracted.I don't know why I need to come round this mountain again & again but I realised today that when I am more ralaxed & my expectations aren't as high we all seem to get along much better & the atmosphere in the home is generally lovelier.And surprisingly we can end up being more productive just not always in the way I had intended.
Anyway here we are nearly at the end of another day & I am content listening to the sweet sounds of my rascals playing in the bath & my snuggly 3 month old on my chest.I am indeed blessed.

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earthkissed said...

Sometimes it is amazing what can happen, when we let go of expectations - life can surprise us with something better then we had expected.